SATCAR FORMULA STREET racing is the creation of Kern Fischer, a longtime car enthusiast with BSME (Automotive) and MBA degrees. He has been active in motorsports for over 40 years, including organizing and competition in autocross, rallies, ice racing, field trials, and road racing. For the past 15 years, he has also been involved in teaching performance driving, both in-car and classroom, for club and professional schools. He is being assisted and advised by other enthusiasts with similar interests and much experience.

Dick Cole of Milford, MI is a Senior Advisor with SATCAR. Dick financed his four years of college by driving sprint cars at various Midwestern tracks. He continued to drive these cars for several years after college and then discovered road racing, where he has driven a variety of cars in various classes since the 1960s. He has also gained much experience with the SCCA in organizing and administrative positions, including achieving licenses in most of the track function disciplines. He is a licensed Chief Steward with SCCA and has served as Regional Executive for the Detroit Region for two terms. When not racing, Dick achieved success in the medical technical field and currently operates a computer consulting firm for a select group of clients.

Wayne Seely is assisting the growth of SATCAR in the role of Operations Director. While stationed in Germany in the army in the 60's Wayne became interested in Alfa Romeos and started his long term association with the marque. Along the way, he became associated with the Alfa Romeo Owners Club and started autocrossing and later, racing in Midwestern Council. About 2003, Wayne took over the organizing of Alfa Club time trial events. Soon after, SATCAR proposed a revised timing system to Alfa Club and Wayne became familiar with the SATCAR concept. He chose to join the SATCAR staff and his organizing skills have been a significant factor in the smooth running of the events thus far. Wayne enjoyed a 25 year career as a Senior Executive in the Telecomm & Data Communications industry and currently keeps busy with several entrepreneurial activities, including an internet consulting business.

Jim Anderson has adopted the role of PR Director for SATCAR. Jim discovered SATCAR through the web site and was struck by the originality of the concept. Jim was first exposed to sports car activities riding with his father and grandfather in their Jaguars. He also saw some of his first road racing at Watkins Glen in the early 70s. Jim has had roles in sponsor development and logistics for several Chicago based road racing teams and has consulted with Chicago Motor Speedway and CART/Champcar. His primary career during these interesting side forays has been sales and product marketing for major food ingredient producers.


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