If you do not have a suitable car or if your car is disabled temporarily, SATCAR has a car for you to use.  It is a 1994 Mustang V6, 5 speed.  It is mostly stock, with a few exceptions.  The brake pads have been upgraded to a more heat tolerant material that provides fade-resistant performance on the track.  Krupp Bilstein of America was kind enough to provide a complete set of Bilstein dampers for the car.  Finally, Waldron’s Antique Exhaust created a custom sport exhaust system using one of their Arvinode resonator systems.

The car is not exceptionally fast but is reliable, great fun to drive, honest and forgiving, and can be a winner with a good, consistent driver.  It is a great car to learn momentum driving.  It was rented three times during the 2008 Fall Series and placed second at one event and third at another.

It will be brought to every SATCAR event and will be fully prepared and ready to go on track with good brakes, numbers, and a transponder. The rental fee is $ 490 per day for a scheduled two hours of track time. The renter is responsible for fuel used and for any damage to the car. Call early if you want to use it. We expect it will be in demand.

If the rental demand becomes greater, we will get additional cars to add to the rental fleet.

Car Rental Form is also available in PDF format here.


This agreement is made and entered between Sports And Touring Car Racing (SATCAR) hereinafter called “Owner” and ____________________, herinafter caller “Renter”.


The vehicle which the Owner hereby agrees to rent is:  1994 Ford Mustang, VIN 1FALP404XRF137997.

The vehicle will have been safety inspected per the SATCAR Safety Inspection Form and is represented by the Owner to be sound and safe for use on a road racing track in SATCAR events.  The vehicle will also have numbers attached as defined in the SATCAR Rules Of Competition and will have a transponder mounted so lap times can be recorded.

The vehicle is being provided for the full day of scheduled track activities for the group in which the Renter is entered.  If the vehicle has a mechanical issue that is not Renter induced and the vehicle cannot be used for the entire day of scheduled activities, a pro-rata refund will be made by the Owner to the Renter, based on the amount of usage obtained versus the amount contracted.

If more track time is available than originally scheduled on the event schedule, the Renter can use the car for any additional track time at a rate of $ 130 per half hour or any portion thereof.


The Owner agrees to rent the above-described vehicle to the Renter for a period beginning at 8:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM on ___________________ at _________________________________________.

The Renter will have usage of the car from the start to the end of scheduled track activities on the day(s) of the rental.  The car will be brought to the track site by the Owner and will be presented to the Renter in a state that it is ready to use. 

The Renter has the option of test driving the car, prior to acceptance, to be satisfied that the car will be suitable to them for the intended use.  If the car is unacceptable to the Renter based on this test drive, the Renter will be given a refund of the rental fee less a $ 75 processing fee.

During the rental period, the following conditions apply:

  1. While driving the car, the Renter is responsible for monitoring the vehicle systems, such as oil pressure, water temperature, brake performance, etc to insure that the car remains functional and is not damaged in any way.
  2. The Renter is not permitted to modify the vehicle in any way to suit his/her driving style or to change performance.  The exception to this rule is that tire pressures can be adjusted to alter the balance of the car, within the limits of 26 PSI minimum to the maximum noted on the side of the tire.  This inflation range is for cold tires.
  3. The vehicle is not to be removed from the track property unless permission is received from the Owner to do so.
  4. The vehicle is not to be used to push, propel, or tow another vehicle, trailer, or any other thing without permission of the Owner.
  5. The vehicle is not to be operated in a negligent, reckless, or unsafe manner.
  6. The vehicle is to be operated only by the Renter.


The Renter understands that the vehicle has NO insurance coverage of any type during operation on the race track.  Renter hereby agrees that he shall fully indemnify the registered Owner (SATCAR) for any and all loss of or damage to the vehicle or equipment during the term of this Agreement, whether caused by driver error, collision, fire, flood, vandalism, theft, or any other cause, except that which shall be determined to be caused by a fault or defect of the vehicle or equipment


The Renter hereby agrees to pay the Owner $ 490 per day for the use of said vehicle.  Fuel used by the Renter is to be paid for by the Renter.  The vehicle will arrive at the track in the morning with a full tank.  At the end of the day the vehicle will be refueled by the Owner to determine the usage.  This amount will be added to the rental amount.


The Renter further agrees to make a deposit of $ 1,000 with the Owner, said deposit to be used, in the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle or equipment during the term of this Agreement, to defray fully or partially the cost of necessary repairs or replacement (Not to exceed $ 6,000).  In the absence of damage or loss, said deposit shall be credited toward payment of the rental fee and any excess shall be returned to the Renter.


The Renter hereby agrees to return said vehicle to the Owner at or before 5:00 PM on ______________.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto hereby execute this Agreement on the date noted/


_______________________________________         ______________________________________
Kern Fischer, President, SATCAR                          _______________________, Renter (Print Name)

DATE  ____________________                                      _______________________


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