The most time effective way to improve driving skills, either on the street or track. Each program is tailored to the client experience, skills, and goals. Available for all drivers from teens to seniors who want to learn the principles and practice of performance driving.

The coaching usually starts with street driving to learn or improve basic skills that are necessary for precise car control. These skills can then be practiced every day so they become habits. The driver can then transition to track driving where the skills will be further practiced and refined at higher speeds and G-loadings.

Driving schools are provided in the controlled setting of either a parking lot or a race track. Exercises are taught and practiced to take the student through the basic skills necessary for safe, precise car control. These principles and skills are directly applicable to driving every day along with providing more speed and safety when driving on a race course.

offers lapping/practice sessions for experienced drivers to enjoy their cars at speed in a non-competitive environment. Drivers can use these days to just have fun with their cars, learn a new car, test changes made to the car, or a multitude of other purposes, whatever the driver desires.

offers its unique road racing format, which is safe, fair, and cost effective for all drivers. Drivers can enter AND WIN with any car they own, as long as it is track worthy and meets the SATCAR safety criteria. Now you do not have to be mega-rich to be able to race competitively.

Dealers - would you like to offer your customers the opportunity to take their cars to the track and drive them in the manner for which they were designed? Customers who have performance cars like to be able to experience the performance that those cars offer.

SATCAR can assist you in making a track outing into a memorable experience for you and your customers, thus promoting customer loyalty and camaraderie. Having SATCAR provide the management provides you with a stress-free day to interact with your customers.

Race track outings offer corporations an opportunity to promote team building and internal bonding in a unique setting and format. Everybody does golf outings, we do track outings.

SATCAR can design a special day for you and your employees. The day can be structured to be just fun, educational to build driving skills, or competitive with the SATCAR race format. The format can be built around the use of employee cars, company cars, or SATCAR can provide cars and appropriate safety equipment.

can provide complete event management and/or timing services to other automotive clubs. Our experience in managing and timing events provides the network, the staff, and the equipment to provide you with a seamless flow for the activities of the day.


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