SATCAR is now making it easier to get started down your performance driving road - with rentals available so you can try SATCAR events without investing in any equipment. We can provide you with everything you need to get started!!

If you do not have a suitable car or if your car is disabled temporarily, SATCAR has a car for you to use.  It is a 1994 Mustang V6, 5 speed.  It is mostly stock, with a few exceptions.  The brake pads have been upgraded to a more heat tolerant material that provides fade-resistant performance on the track.  Krupp Bilstein of America was kind enough to provide a complete set of Bilstein dampers for the car.  Finally, Waldron’s Antique Exhaust created a custom sport exhaust system using one of their Arvinode resonator systems.

The car is not exceptionally fast but is reliable, great fun to drive, honest and forgiving, and can be a winner with a good, consistent driver.  It is a great car to learn momentum driving.  It was rented three times during the 2008 Fall Series and placed second at one event and third at another.

It will be brought to every SATCAR event and will be fully prepared and ready to go on track with good brakes, numbers, and a transponder. The rental fee is $ 490 per day for a scheduled two hours of track time. The renter is responsible for fuel used and for any damage to the car. Call early if you want to use it. We expect it will be in demand.

If the rental demand becomes greater, we will get additional cars to add to the rental fleet.

If you do not yet have a suitable helmet or if you need a spare, SATCAR currently has three full face helmets available for rent. They are $ 25 per day.

SATCAR has a fleet of AMB rechargeable transponders available for rent to those drivers who do not own one. The rentals include the mounting bracket and vinyl patches that make it easy to mount the transponder and remove it later without paint damage. Transponders rent for $ 35 for a single day or $ 60 for two days.


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