To qualify to race in SATCAR races, a driver must have satisfactorily completed a minimum of two days of a performance or race driving school at a road racing facility and demonstrated that they are safe to be allowed to drive solo on a race track, at typical lapping speeds, with other cars. Open track and lapping days without some form of structured instruction are not acceptable. Oval track driving schools or driving experience type events are not acceptable.

The school can be a SATCAR school, one of the schools associated with any of several marque clubs, or it can be a commercial school. It is the responsibility of the driver to provide SATCAR Officials with proof of satisfactory completion of these two days of school before a SATCAR Competition License will be issued.

From the school(s) the driver should have a basic understanding of the correct line or path that he/she should be driving on the track. The driver should also have a basic understanding of the terminology used around a race event and should know the protocol of activity at a race track. The driver should know and understand the information being transmitted by the various flags at Start/Finish and the corner stations.

Drivers with experience in road racing of four wheeled vehicles of other types may qualify to race in SATCAR based on their previous experience, even though these other vehicles are not cars, ie. experience in kart racing on a road racing type circuit may be acceptable to qualify to race in SATCAR .

If a driver registers for a SATCAR race and his/her activities during practice and/or qualifying indicate that he/she has inadequate knowledge or experience to participate in these events, SATCAR officials will first offer suggestions on changes to be made. If this is deemed inadequate, officials can suspend the driver from further sessions for the safety of all.


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