Spring 2008

I have not contacted you in some time and you are probably wondering whether SATCAR is still alive and well. I can happily report that I am continuing to move forward towards making this a viable road racing program. Some changes were required to make the timing and scoring program as fair as possible and these are being sorted out. This newsletter will give you an update so you can plan your racing with SATCAR in the future.


2006 - A mixed year for SATCAR.

Early in the year I scheduled three events that were combined with other clubs. SATCAR was to have one run group in the daily sequence. This would allow us to provide an opportunity to offer drivers a SATCAR event without having to commit to a full track rental cost.

I sent out entry information to eligible drivers within a reasonable distance from each event. I received a total of four entries for the three events. Needless to say, this was very disappointing and was also somewhat hard on the treasury as I had to commit to my share of the track rental costs.

To be fair, the notice I was able to give drivers about the events was rather short and the quantity of drivers near each of the event venues was limited, but I expected a few more entries than were received. If you want the opportunity to race using the SAFE and FAIR format and the LOW RACING COST structure of SATCAR, I will need your support by entering our scheduled events. If you choose not to join us for some reason, please communicate with me regarding that reason. I want to make the program work for you and need to know if it is not and why not.

I have heard some feedback from drivers indicating that they want to see one of these events and get a feel for what it is about before they are willing to commit to entering. If everyone thinks this way, we will never have an event because we will have no entries.


SATCAR was contracted by the Chicago Alfa-Romeo Owners Club to provide timing for two of their Time Trial events in 2006. This helped to provide some income to offset expenses that were incurred. The drivers were very enthusiastic about the results that we were able to provide them as compared to what was available at previous events. They were also able to get more track time with the upgraded timing and scoring system.

In the late summer and fall SATCAR worked with the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL to provide two races for members of the club, using the SATCAR format. For various reasons, some related to Autobahn members and some related to SATCAR, the races did not flow as smoothly as desired. This was a positive experience, however, as it showed some of the unanticipated things that can happen and showed some areas where our timing and scoring software needed some additional features. These were incorporated into the code during 2007 and final testing will take place prior to the 2008 season.

2007 - New experiences and opportunities.

In November of 2006, I received an E-mail from a gentleman who is the Director of New Products for a sports marketing firm in Singapore. He was interested in the SATCAR racing format and offered to sponsor a trip for me to meet with them. In May I spent a week in Singapore discussing the Asia-Pacific market. I do not know at this time whether anything will grow from this but it does indicate the possibility of worldwide application of SATCAR racing.

After the experiences of trying to schedule events in 2006, the decision was made to not schedule any events in 2007 and concentrate on completing the Private Placement Memorandum for a stock sale. This Memorandum is written to inform potential investors about the SATCAR program and the opportunity to participate as owners of the organization. The Memorandum was completed in the Fall of 2007 and copies are being distributed to potential investors.

I also kept busy at several track events. The Chicago Alfa club contracted us to time their three events during the year. Contact was also made with a company called SuperCar Life, which offers track driving events in supercars. A proposal was made to them to offer SATCAR type races for their events and a demonstration took place in early July at BeaveRun near Pittsburgh. A final decision on incorporation into their events has yet to be made.

2008 - The Start Of Something Big!

I am very excited to announce that SATCAR will be offering a four event series this fall. An information sheet is included with this newsletter. To appeal to drivers with varying experience and interests, each event will be offering run groups for DRIVING SCHOOL, LAPPING/PRACTICE, and RACE, along with a TOURING group at lunch time. At the end of the series, a SATCAR championship will be awarded for the year.

NOW is the time to show your support and enthusiasm for SATCAR by entering these events, Pick the run group that is appropriate for your experience and skill level. There will be a group at each event that will be right for you. Entry forms are available at the SATCAR web site for both regular mail and on-line registrations. ENTER EARLY - - ENTER OFTEN!!! Do not miss this opportunity. Even if you choose not to enter for some reason, plan on attending an event as a guest. This will allow you to see how the SATCAR format works and to talk with some of the drivers who are entered.

To assist in promoting and running these events, two capable and interested people have joined me to help grow SATCAR. Jim Anderson of LaGrange Park found SATCAR on the web and sent me an E-mail titled "Why Didn't I Think Of That". Jim has worked in a variety of positions, among which was working with CART on some promotional and PR activities. Jim will be working on the same types of activities with SATCAR.

The other significant addition is Wayne Seely as Director of Operations. I met Wayne while working on events with the Chicago Alfa Romeo Owners Club. Wayne was organizing their track events and hired us to do the timing. Working with Wayne I learned what a great organizer and detail person he is, so offered him the opportunity to work with me on SATCAR events.

I feel that our Fall Series will definitely be the better for having these two gentlemen as a part of SATCAR.


To be able to grow SATCAR and provide drivers the opportunity to participate in this exciting new form of road racing, I am looking for potential investors in the ownership of the parent corporation and for Event Partners who will be actively planning and presenting the events at tracks. If you know anyone who would be interested in either role, please have them contact me.

SATCAR is making road racing available to a larger group of drivers by keeping the costs more reasonable to begin, and continue, racing. As such, SATCAR is being projected to be the fastest growing form of road racing in history. Investors in SATCAR will be able to share in the pride of having helped to develop this concept and in growing the sport of road racing. They will also share in the growth of the company as it occurs.

Investment in SATCAR is speculative and risky. Therefore, potential investors must be able and willing to be patient for any return on the investment and also be aware of the possibility of losing the investment. There are two requirements that any potential investor must meet to be considered for ownership.

1. The person must be actively involved with activities at road racing tracks.
2. The person must have a net worth of at least $ 1 Million.

The Event Partner program is shown at the SATCAR web site for anyone who may be interested. I am seeking individuals or groups that are interested in operating a business that will plan and present track events for drivers in their area.

Drive SAFE & FAST!!!

Kern Fischer
SATCAR Creator


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