Winter - 2007

It has been some time since I last communicated with you about how development is proceeding with the SATCAR concept. The time since our last START LINE has been spent working on additional details needed to begin offering events to YOU. Many of you are in parts of the country where our fun activities have been put on hold. I assume that most of you are looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy the fun of track driving in a few months.

The primary SATCAR effort has been toward further testing and refining the timing and scoring system to be certain that it is accurate for any anticipated situations that may occur during an event. To this end, many hours have been spent in testing and code writing to find and correct portions of the program that did not react properly to the situation presented or to the rules, as written.

To facilitate the testing and running of initial events, SATCAR has invested in a complete AMB system, including a decoder box, battery powered transponders, and a charging case. This will allow us to perform any tests required for continually monitoring the system performance and to time events that we offer in the early stages of development. It will also allow us to conduct additional tests as new code is written for future pit stop sprint races and endurance races.

We are committed to continually bringing you new and exciting forms of racing within the SATCAR format!!!


The SATCAR Performance Parity Time system, as originally conceived, tended to favor the slower cars of a group because they had to make fewer passes and would not be delayed as frequently behind other cars in no-passing zones.

I have addressed this inequity by incorporating a correction factor into the scoring system that shortens the Performance Parity Times by a fixed percentage for all cars, to allow extra time for being delayed behind a slower car while waiting for a passing zone. This correction factor will probably be slightly different for each track, depending upon passing opportunities, and will be defined by choosing a number and then fine tuning it based on experience at that track. We will know the number is right when we see the winners coming from random positions in the starting order. The factor will then be locked into the scoring program for that track.

This is another example of our ongoing efforts to make SATCAR racing the fairest and most equitable road racing available for all drivers.


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